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Thursday February 9th 2023
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Making the Coupler

The following shows the basic steps used to fabricate the Motor to Transmisson Coupler.   This coupler used concepts shown by Tischer.    

Bought extra stock for future and incase we messed up:

Cut a Plug to center the B-Loc to the Coupler:

Testing fit of B-lock:

Not shown here but we clamped on the B-Lock and drilled pilot holes using B-Lock as guide by removing and replacing each B-Lock screws one by one to drill the holes shown:

  Good !!  The clutch disk we bought fits the Transmission:


Its tough, but Adam lets it know who’s the boss:


Transmission Spline Coupler is cut loose.  Note, the circular step bushing on the back we can use to center this piece to the coupler.


We then flipped the coupler in the lathe, cutoff extra length, finished end off and bored centering hole for Spline Coupler:

Test fit of Transmission Spline Coupler to its centering hole:


Turned around part in lathe, cutoff Plug, and drilled pilot hole for boring motor shaft clearance hole:

Boring out motor shaft clearance hole:


Used previously drilled pilot holes to center and drill each hole through aluminum spacer.  Then we bolted on the Transmission Spline Coupler to match drill the bolt and locating pin holes:


Looks like we got all the bolt holes and four locating pins.


Looks like its going to work: